Monday , 1 June 2020
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Under 8’s – Vs Tarleton

Under 8’s – Vs Tarleton

Our first match on CV in a few weeks saw us take a shaky start but finish off in fine form having come back from three goals down at half time to win the game.

The first half seemed as though we weren’t quite into the game, again we were standing off players and our passes just weren’t getting to the places intended. Tarleton set themselves up differently to most teams, at kick off they positioned themselves in a solid block , 2 infront 2 behind meaning we were quickly pressured from the off. However, we were soon onto this and started to play the ball out wide. Things started to go better with the right passes being made they just weren’t getting to the players meaning Tarleton could cut out the pass and get themselves a goal. Two of the goals were justified however the third goal should have been cleared.
Coming back in the second half we needed a goal to pick things up, we weren’t playing too badly things were just not going our way. Until a great team goal saw us get back into it. We were much stronger second half, 1 goal from Josh D and 4 goals from Matthew with assists from the likes of Elliot, Josh D and Lewis meant we won the game in the last few minutes.
Next week we need to work on coming to the match more awake, efficient passing and closing down players quicker. However we couldn’t have been prouder of the second half performance.

Man of the match- Matthew Orme
Matthew played a key part in getting us back into the game this week. As captain for the second half, He scored 4, assisted another and put in the work to help defend in the final minutes. He scored a great goal with the outside of his foot today which is a tricky technique he seems to have perfected now. A great all round performance. Well done Matthew.

Most improved- Lewis Vickers
Lewis used what was practiced in training last night which was keeping to your position and making the right pass at the right time, he made some great tackles and set up a great goal for Matthew by taking on a player and releasing it just at the right time. Well done Lewis.

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